Do's and Dont's Guidelines
Pilgrims are requested to use specific bathing ghats, toilet areas as authorised by the Jathara administration for your safety and security
You are advised to make use of the nearest bathing Ghats, toilets places from your place of stay
Please drive your vehicles in authorised routes as instructed by the Police
Pilgrims and Tourists are requested to behave in dignified manner and wear suitable attire, considering the religious and cultural sensibilities of the event
Do keep your surroundings clean
Please throw garbage in dustbins only
Use of Plastic bags is prohibited.So Avoid using them.
Do not venture in the Jampana Vagu beyond permissible limit
Do not rush in for darshan, wait for your turn in queue
Do not commit any act of violence or harshness in the temple premises
Do not get into restricted/unauthorised routes
Do not disturb others
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