Jathara Places you must know
Jampanna Vagu

Pilgrim who go for Darshan usually take holy dip in Jampanna Vagu that is near to Medaram Temple area. If you are arriving by RTC bus you can reach Bathing Ghats on foot from back side road of temple. You can follow the sign boards or take help of the volunteers. While taking the bath please follow instructions below

RTC Bus Boarding Point

TSRTC ply numerous buses to different locations of Telangana state for the pilgrims. Please note that due to heavy rush each platform has a queue line. Based on your destination please check the queue line number and enter into the queue line to board the bus. As you board the bus ticket will be issued en route at Tadvai Bus point. Please follow below instructions at RTC Boarding Point

Missing person Announcement Centres

There are various Helpline & announcement centres setup by Bhupalapalli District police in Jathara Area. As you witness heavy crowd during the 4 days of event you are requested to take care of your children & elderly people to avoid missing possibilities. In case you come across any missing people or you missed anyone in family please approach announcement centres and take the help of Voluntaries

Gadde Area

Gadde Area is Temple premises where goddess Sammakka-Sarakka are worshipped. There are 2 Queue lines to enter for darshan. Please reach Queue line entry for darshan. Please do not try to grab anything from gadde as it creates congestion at the place. Have a peaceful darshan and exit from the gate

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