Traffic Guidelines
Heavy vehicles movement will be put-off the roads from 1st Week of Jathara Month to avoid traffic congestion
CC TV Cameras and Drone cameras will be used to monitor the situation from command control room
Vehicles coming from Warangal side are allotted one way via Gudeppad, Mallampalli, Mulug, Pasra, Narlapur
For Vehicles coming from & going to Eturu Nagaram side are allotted way Chinnaboinapally, Kondai, Malyal and Oorattam way
For vehicles leaving Medaram have been allotted two routes based on destination.Leaving for Warangal side are allowed via Narlapur, Bayyakkapet, Gollabuddaram, Kamlapur, bhupalapalli, Parkal, Gudeppad, Hanmakonda route. Leaving for Kaleshwaram side are allowed via Kalwapally, Yamanpalli, Chinthakani,Kataram, Mahdevpur route.
Separate route for RTC buses (Pasra-Tadvai-Medaram)
Parking of Vehicles- More than 30 parking places are identified more than 1000 acers
More than 20 holding areas are identified to have enough buffer space in the event of re-routing or holding the vehicles on the route
Police personnel arranged at Check-posts and police Out-post to guide the traffic
Cranes and towing vehicles stationed at strategic locations to clear any traffic objections
Special Mechanic Teams are formed and placed in critical teams to support in case of Vehicles breakdown
Patrolling by the Bike-borne police to declog any traffic congestion
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